How To Use OBS Recorder

How To Use OBS Recorder Video editing is one of the foremost common functions that are being performed in video production. to form the video better and artistic in every aspect, users use a special video editing software for fulfilling their purpose. While having an enormous marketplace for applying this idea, video editing tools are available for an enormous price. How To Use OBS Recorder

On the opposite hand, free options lack the effective features that provide smoothness to the video. However, the market has never been left during this complicated situation. An open and fully loaded application has been introduced as a viable option for various users that sometimes lack in budget. The OBS screen recorder fully referred to as the Open Broadcaster Software appears as an ultimate screencasting solution with a spread of effective features. “How To Use OBS Recorder”

The OBS screen recorder for PC has moved to supply features that are competitive to the paid tools, with similar efficiencies and opportunities.

Part 1. what’s OBS

Open Broadcaster Software has been introduced as an open-source solution for users who seek to record and stream games and live recordings. Its architecture is impeccable while considering the opposite available tools where it’s enabled users to figure with different sources and attenuate them for the creation of a seamless broadcast. While allowing users to record videos through microphones and webcams, users can utilize the prevailing videos and screen captures to supply effective videos for the viewers. “How To Use OBS Recorder”

OBS software is extremely light-weight and apprehendable software considering its basic structure. However, it offers quality and explicit performance for people having personal or professional purposes. Its structure, being cross-platform, provides a much-widened application for its users. Thus it’s been not only considered as an option for screen recording except for video editing too. These features include audio mixers, source filters, power configurations, and themes.

How To Use OBS Recorder
How To Use OBS Recorder


What makes users download OBS screen recorder for PC? This open-source software provides a really detailed list of video editing features that smoothens the web broadcast and make it popular among viewers. These features aren’t simple single editing tools but are customizable that suit the requirements of each user.

Users produce dynamic streams with ease by using its real-time video and audio mixing characteristic and impressive transitions which will be switched among many scenes. Chroma keying has been considered an up to date feature in video editing tools that are being added in various software over a particular price. To our surprise, the OBS screen recorder free download platform has made this feature online with no associated prices.

This platform suits users who lookup for changing their basic video and add a couple of transitions and effects to beautify it. Professionals who look to develop fool-proof commercial-scaled videos also can benefit themselves with OBS software. With its advanced editing tools, this open-source platform provides an audio mixer that will filter noise suppressions and gains within the video. Its accessible configuration options provide a much-ascertained platform for adding sources and adjusting their properties with control.

Features at OBS screen recording software are everlasting. Its Studio Mode is worth appreciation for its centered approach in checking the sources and scenes before initiating broadcasting and have them adjusted or added if needed. Hotkeys are quite common during this platform, providing users with the power to line them up for each available function.

With a really detailed settings panel in its package, the straightforward and quick configuration of tools has been made possible that are important for broadcasting and recording. These tools are then easily viewed on the screen with their light or dark-themed interface. a light-weight screen recording tool is ensured at OBS, with maximum efficiency and high-performance compatibility. Users who use OBS screen recorder free download software can stream on websites like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and other contemporary streaming platforms that are commonly employed by the masses.

Pros and Cons:

Every software, inclusive of the video editing tools, comes with its pros and cons. Thus OBS screen recording software has its associated pros and cons. Though we’ve assessed OBS as a really impressive screen recording platform and have seen it as a superb platform for broadcasting videos onto platforms like Facebook and YouTube etc., it comes with a couple of drawbacks too.

Before getting to what this software lacks, users got to clearly observe the benefits which give and choose whether or not they outperform the disadvantages. OBS offers 20 plugins for enhancing functionalities, which incorporates countdown implementations and server pings. This platform has no hidden payments and is hospitable to its users.

no matter these facts, it is not compatible with Windows XP and doesn’t link audio files as sources. Though these drawbacks don’t outperform the benefits provided at OBS, they ought to be clearly assessed before using the platform.

Part 2. Steps to display screen with OBS Screen Recorder

How To Use OBS Recorder Free
How To Use OBS Recorder Free

Tapping the Buttons:

When users can record their screens, they need to tap the “Start Recording” button. For stopping, they might need to use the “Stop Recording” button. Users can use hotkeys after setting them up from the “Settings” menu.

Approaching the Recorded files:

The video that’s being recorded is directly stored within the “Videos” folder which will be opened from Windows libraries. These files are present in .flv format. the standard, path, and format of the videos are often effectively changed at OBS. Users got to access Settings, followed by the “Output” section that shall provide them with these features.


There are countless video editing tools and screen recording tools that are present within the market with distinctive features. Many tools and recorders are stated within the section of the simplest available tools. However, most of them are often approached by paying a subscription package. OBS screen recorder came with an open-source solution and a high integration of tools and features that allowed users to make a really impressive video out of it. this text states its major features and guides the way to use its screen recording tool for allowing users to know its function that might make video production easier and convenient for them.

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