The Miraculous Power of Clay Toothpaste

The Miraculous Power of Clay Toothpaste

The Miraculous Power of Clay Toothpaste. A wonder of nature to keep your teeth healthy. Why Clay for teeth? The 3 main benefits of clay for teeth

  • Disinfected

  • Anti Bacteria

  • Absorbent

What is Clay?

Clay is a finely-grained natural rock and soil material that combines one or more clay minerals (Quartz, Metal oxides, Organic matters), clay is mainly composed of silicate which is an essential element of the living material and the silicate naturally present in the human body is reducing which the age which is one of the causes of aging. The clay is playing a major role in the body of Cell regeneration and the immune system.

The Miraculous Power of Clay Toothpaste
The Miraculous Power of Clay Toothpaste


Every chemical material is a dead substance and working blindness of the surface, the Clay is a living material with the natural intelligence which allows the clay to work where is the wound or the pain. For example, for the peoples who suffer from chronic mouth ulcers, the fact of using Clay toothpaste will solve the problem.


The clay has the function to block the bacterias and consolidate the tooth enamel, using clay toothpaste protects the peoples who are sensitive to decay.


The Clay absorbing the impurities and other toxic substances or changing the taste of food which
giving bad taste, that’s why the clay is used for example to cut the taste of some medicinal oils, this absorbent power is powerful to allow the captation of toxic substances in the bodies to be evacuated later.


It is a resinous substance harvested and processed by the bee, .lt take it on the buds and on the resin of
the trees. Propolis is therefore a resinous substance made up of various plant products mixed with the salivary secretions of the bee.


The pharmacological properties of propolis described in the scientific literature are numerous and scientifically proven :

  • anti-bacterial
  • antiviral
  • antifungal

antioxidant, anesthetic (it should be more
used by dental surgeons and stomatologists )

anti-angiogenic ,immunomodulatory ,anti-
tumor. In Japan, the propolis is used to treat the cancer


The Clay toothpaste is only about benefits, protect against mouth ulcer, decay, and other bacteria…..the last benefit is if you associate with propolis you can be sure that nobody will steal or borrow your toothbrush at home as people will think you also, use it to clean up the bathroom throne 🙂

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